Breaking The Fourth Wall EP

by Kerah Oliveira

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"The fourth wall" is an expression that originated from the world of theater. On Broadway, or even a small Community Theater production, a stage set usually consists of three physical walls, as well as an imaginary (or invisible) “fourth wall” that serves to separate the world of the characters from that of the audience. (Though In video games, breaking the fourth wall occurs when a game becomes aware of its nature as a game, or when a character directly acknowledges the player.) I chose this term as my project title, to express my belief that God desires an intimate relationship with us. The concept of “breaking the fourth wall” to me, is beautifully symbolic of the process of Salvation. God is the ultimate artist, and our very existence is a work of artistic genius.

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released March 23, 2014



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Kerah Oliveira Florida

I've been a full time, itinerant musician my whole life. My sound is rooted in Folk, with some World and older pop influences (don't ask me how this works, I just write the stuff). I want to musically explore the human experience of having a relationship with God. I share with the intention to bring glory to God and to shed some light, and warmth into a jaded, and beaten down world. ... more

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Track Name: Breaking The Fourth Wall
I’m not here to hurt you,
You just need to break your battlements down.
And I’m not here to harm you;
I just came to put death into the ground.
For I have loved you O-so long.
Your birth was my favorite moment,
You’re MY favorite song.
I have come to bring you light,
So that you can see the colors,
And abandon the black and white.

For I so loved the world, that I came to save you all
Before you knew you needed to be saved.

Freely I have given, so that freely you might receive.
I’ll be waiting till you let down all your walls.
Jerico I came to break down your fourth wall.
I’ll be waiting till you let down all your walls.
Track Name: You Are Mine (Liat)
Let Me tell you the whole truth about you.
(This may be hard to accept.)
But I know everything, your heart,
All your secret shames;
And I’d still die any day just to see you smile.

You are not the biggest mistake of all time,
Even though you mess up.
And you are not the first to believe in such lies;
You won’t be the last one.

But I’ll be with you in the storm;
No matter how hard you think you fall.
I AM with you in the storm;
No matter how small you feel you are.

War is not who you are, but your will is beautiful to ME.
You have the choice to stand and fight.
Your scars are not who you are,
but they’re precious memories to ME,
of all the times we’ve fought and won.
I’ll be with you in the storm;
No matter how much you fear the call.
I AM with you in the storm;
Does it matter how unlovable you feel you are?

I AM yours and you are MINE;
Nothing else should matter.
Track Name: World's Lover
My eyes are full of lonely mirth:
Reeling with want and worn with scars,
For pride of every stone on earth,
I shake my spear at all the stars.

A live bat beats my crest above,
Lean foxes nose where I have trod,
And on my naked face the love

Which is the loneliness of God.

Outlawed: since that great day gone by--

When before prince and pope and queen

I stood and spoke a blasphemy--

'Behold the summer leaves are green.'

They cursed me: what was that to me

Who in that summer darkness furled,
With but an owl and snail to see,
Had blessed and conquered all the world?

They bound me to the scourging-stake,
They laid their whips of thorn on me;
I wept to see the green rods break,
Though blood be beautiful to see.

Beneath the gallows' foot abhorred

The crowds cry 'Crucify!' and 'Kill!'

Higher the priests sing, 'Praise the Lord,
The warlock dies'; and higher still

Shall heaven and earth hear one cry sent
Even from the hideous gibbet height,

'Praise to the Lord Omnipotent,

The vultures have a feast to-night.'